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The GDAR Program

Dedication • Persistence • Consistency

Focusing on real-world, relevant traits to consistently improve upon Angus genetics for a more profitable beef industry.

Cow Foraging
6 Decades Making Better Cows

Russ Denowh and Joe Gartner started Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch in 1957 with the goal of developing ever better females that possessed the genetics to add value to all segments of the beef industry. Russ was fond of stating that if you select for the female, the rest will fall into place.

45 Sires in AI Studs

45 GDAR bred or owned bulls have stood at major AI studs. What a testament to the program that is GDAR.

Pictures of many of these sires can be seen on our history page.

Record Card
Performance Testing since 1957

GDAR started performance testing in 1957. Russ was a firm beleiver in utilizing any means to measure the productivity and efficiency of the GDAR herd, and that tradtion is still strong today.

Cows in Pasture

When building something great, you must have a solid foundation. A great cowherd is no different - it is built upon great bulls and more importantly, solid cows.

Cow Calf Pairs
Cows that Work for a Living

GDAR cows are expected to forage and travel on the rolling plains of Eastern Montana. They are expected to be efficient. With each new generation of GDAR females we expect to get more with less inputs.

Cow Head
Functional & Efficient Females

A GDAR female must be easy fleshing even on a low quality diet. Moderate mature size is emphasized. Cow wieghts have been recorded for over 15 years.

Calf Nursing
Healthy & Vigorous Calves

Mothering ability and calf vigor are a big deal. We get caught up looking at all the numbers and sometimes forget that bred cows and live calves are where the money is made.

GDAR Cows in Pasture

Maternal excellence, for us, is about raising cows that will go out and get the job done.

Cows Frosty
Phenotype & Structure

Phenotype and structure come before numbers at GDAR. Structural soundness is paramount to the long term sustainability of any ranching operation.

Recording Records
270,000+ Records Recorded

Over 270,000 individual records have been recorded here at GDAR. If we find it economically important we try to measure it. We are firm beleivers in large data sets and large contemporary groups to make EPD's and ratios more meaningful and accurate.

Road through Rolling Plains
Productivity & Stayability

Nothing is more profitable for a cow-calf operation than females that stay in the herd while producing pounds at weaning. That is why we cull so hard for feet, bad bags, fertility, and weaning performance in our cowherd - so our comercial customers don't have to.

Mickey on Horse

Continually improving upon function and efficiency through balanced trait selection of economically important traits.

Calves in Pen
Predictability & Uniformity

Years and years of dedicated and disciplined mating of cows and bulls with like genetic strenghts breeds predictability and uniformity in our numbers, and more importantly by stamping our bulls and cows with the trademark GDAR look.

Pair in the Pasture
Work in the Pasture and on Paper

We strive for good looking, structurally sound cattle that will get the job done in the pasture, in the feedlot, and on the rail. That is why we want consistency in our cattle, whether it be in type or in their epds.

Justified 3023
Industry Leading Sires

Elite herdsires are used extensively through artificial insemination and embryo transfer to advance our genetics. Check out the full roster on the sires page.

Cows Walking
Balanced Trait Selection

The GDAR breeding program is designed to maximize efficiency, not necessarily to maximize any single trait. Balanced trait selection is utilized to optimize economically important traits to maximize profits.

Bull in Pen
Top 20% $M

The average of this year's bull offering ranks in the top 20% of the breed for $M, which is a result of selecting relevant traits and breeding for balance.

Bulls on Test
Large Sire Groups

GDAR offers large sire groups to improve consistency, predictability, and performance. Each year we offer the top 60% of our bulls for sale.

Bulls on Bunkline
Common Sense Bull Development

GDAR bulls are developed with the customer in mind. Bulls are fed for a moderate gain, which helps ensure structural and breeding soundness.

Raising the kind that work since 1957 has resulted in generations of satisfied customers!

GDAR Guarantee
The GDAR Guarantee

We stand behind our bulls, if you have a problem, we want to know.

GDAR bulls are FULLY, 100% guaranteed for the first breeding season. See our catalog for details.

GDAR Catalog
Generations of Satisfied Customers

Your success is our success, which is why we strive to do anything and everything possible to make purchasing a bull from GDAR a pleasant and fruitful experience. Let us know if we can help in any way!

GDAR Bull Head Shot

2023 GDAR Sale

250 Bulls Sell
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Discover the program behind the prefix with a GDAR bull.

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