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Quick Facts:

Established:  1920

Area: 742,387 acres

Population: 1117
  (based on 2004 census)

Elevation:  3652 ft.

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Golden Valley County was established on March 8th, 1920. It was created after the Musselshell County Commissioners petitioned to divide Musselshell County into smaller sections.

The county started as and continues to be a farming and ranching community. Clean air and wide open spaces are abundant here. Landmarks include the Musselshell River, and Big Coulee.

Golden Valley County is rich in history. There have been many small rural communities throughout the county, but they have developed into two main towns, Lavina and Ryegate. Today they are both ripe for growth, and have encouraging business opportunities, including small business loans.

The link below will provide additional information on land costs, tax assessment values, crop and livestock production, wireless and broadband accessibility, and school budget documents in relation to county funding.


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Points of Interest: (Click on the underlined areas for more information.)

Emergency Medical Services:  Based in Ryegate with a Quick Response Unit in Lavina.

Volunteer Fire Department:  Ryegate and Lavina Volunteer Fire Departments.

Landing strip: Both Lavina and Ryegate have a light aircraft landing strip.

Airport: It is just a short distance to an International Airport.

Business Opportunities: For new and expanding industry. Click here for more information on small business loans, and tax incentives within the county.

Recreation: Includes hunting, fishing, and hiking. It is just a short distance to Deadman's Basin where fishing, swimming, and boating can be enjoyed.

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Golden Valley County

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