Vehicle Recycling Program

Please read the following before completing the attached release form to have a vehicle 
removed from your property.


1.   We will only haul motor vehicles and component parts which have previously  
           been licensed for use on public roads.  Snowmobiles, off road motorcycles  
           and farm machinery will not be accepted.

All garbage must be removed from the vehicle, including household trash,  
           fountain,pop cups, diapers, dead animals, wood, cardboard, household carpeting, etc.

    3.    Only 5 tires per vehicle, which must be mounted on rims, will be accepted,  
           however, it is not necessary that the tires be mounted on the vehicle.

    4.    Campers and wooden toppers must be removed.

    5.    Propane bottles, paint cans, or any other type of containers cannot be accepted.

    6.    Rebar, cable and wire (except automotive wiring) must be removed from the vehicle.
           Bedsprings are not accepted.

    7.    Appliances are not accepted, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, 
           televisions, microwave ovens, household air conditioners, etc.

    8.    We will not pick up loose parts lying on the ground.  Loose vehicle component parts 
           may be placed inside the vehicles.

    9.    Unlock doors and leave trunk open or have the keys in the trunk lock.

    10.   Complete the release form.  Be sure to sign the form on one of the lines marked 
            Signed and put the current date on the line marked Date.

    11.    Please attach the title only if one is available, a title is not necessary to have a
             vehicle picked up.