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Lehfeldt Rambouillets
Bob and Marie Lehfeldt, owners

Bob and Marie Lehfeldt live east of Lavina and raise 2000 Rambouillet sheep. The herd includes 200 registered Rambouillet ewes, with the remaining being a commercial flock. The Lehfeldt family has been in the sheep business for over 100 years and are 4th generation sheep and wool producers. At this time, Bob and Marie raise Rambouillet/Suffolk cross lambs which are bred for meat productions and finished at feedlots in Colorado, Wyoming and Iowa and continue to own a registered flock of purebred Rambouillets for replacement ewes and for the fine quality wool that they are famous for. The Lehfeldt Rambouillets have registered ewe lambs and rams for sale each fall.

National "Make It Yourself With Wool" Competition
Marie Lehfeldt, National Coordinator

National "Make It Yourself With Wool" Competition. The purpose of the contest is to promote wool and generate interest in sewing with wool. The contest was founded in Utah in 1947 with Montana being one of 6 of the original states participating. The contest is now sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Association and the American Sheep Industry Women. It includes the pre-teen, junior, senior, adult, made for others and fashion/apparel design categories. The MIYWW program remains as one of the last means of promotion for the lamb and wool industry. The contest hosted 1258 contestants, nationally, in 2002-2003 with 3,484 yards of wool fabric and approximately 272 skeins of wool yarn being utilized. Sponsorship of  the program has remained strong with support from the lamb and wool industry–producers, feeders, and woolen mills, as well as the sewing and fashion industry–sewing machine, thread, and fabric companies and fashion magazines, as well as individuals and organizations interested in agriculture and youth. Marie Lehfeldt from Lavina has served as the contest's volunteer national coordinator for  the past 10 years. Prior to that she was Montana's state director for 4 years. She now coordinates 33 state contests and produces national style shows all over the United States. Marie's background experience includes 4-H work and entrance in the MIYWW contest herself, a bachelor's degree in music education, and involvement in wool production and fleece classification. She and her husband, Bob, continue to raise registered Rambouillets on the family ranch near Lavina.

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